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Verkaufstrainer – Speaker – Coach: Martin Limbeck

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Martin Limbeck GSS Trailer 2013 — Sales In The Fast Lane

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Martin Limbeck helps sales professionals develop pride, passion and persistence so they will love their jobs and seal more deals.

CSP Award

"Be proud to be a salesperson."
Fast-paced, driven and passionate about sales, Martin Limbeck inspires his audience to reach the next level in their professional development. Based on his personal experiences as a salesman, he takes you on a turbo-charged journey to develop the right attitude towards selling, instilling a new sense of pride in your profession.


Martin Limbeck in Slowenia Presentation in Slowenia

Presentation The worst thing to say is no

Martin's goal is to close the deal from the pole position, while leaving "non-stop yackers" and "PowerPoint addicts" in the dust. Attendees will learn that negotiating on an even footing will help them land more deals and establish long-lasting customer relationships. This will put them on course towards victory lane.

Verkaufstrainer Martin Limbeck "Shovel first, collect second."
As a high school exchange student in Roselle, NJ, German-born Martin learned an important lesson for his future sales career while shoveling snow: First you give, then you shall receive. Today he combines his international sales experience, American entrepreneurial spirit and German discipline to pass on his attitude to sales professionals around the world. He shows how being your best, being assertive, assuming the sale and willingness to work hard leads to sales success.

"So here I was, at a high school somewhere in New Jersey—this red-haired, slightly chubby kid with a heavy German accent, determined to not only learn proper English, but also to adjust to the American lifestyle. I always had some kind of job when I was in high school. Everyone did. In the summer I mowed rich people's lawns and in the winter I shoveled snow. And I learned that this is how snow shoveling works in America. It snows. You pick a house. You clear the whole drive of snow. You're done. The door opens and a complete stranger comes out with a big grin on his face, slaps you on the shoulder and presses a bill into your hand. Every time. Everywhere. This was new to me. Wow! I love America!

I knew right away that I wanted to be a salesperson—I give, you take; you give, I take. Four simple steps to forming a bond between two people. Wonderful! And what I learned most—you GIVE first and then you TAKE! In that order."

Strict discipline.
Discipline is one of the key factors to racing to the head of the pack, according to Martin Limbeck. Martin redefines discipline and makes it downright contagious for sales professionals.

"NO is short for Next Opportunity."
Martin has the uncanny ability to help salespeople overcome their fears. He illustrates that the word "no" does not mean you hit the wall, but comes with the territory and will help you accelerate towards the checkered flag. Attendees will come away trusting that no sale is beyond their reach.

"Kids are the best sellers. Haven't you ever noticed that? Kids stick right with it when they want something! Take your typical downtown mall, for example, and a six-year old, holding his dad's hand. In less than a mile the kid will nail down about seven opportunities to try and get an ice-cream. Let's not fool ourselves; he's scanning those opportunities constantly. He has them all under control. Know what I mean? And then he goes for the kill, "Dad, can I have an ice-cream?" – "No, son. We're having a barbecue tonight, and Mom's making an ice-cream surprise. You'll be getting tons of ice-cream today. Let's go and buy the steaks for the barbecue." – "But Dad …" – Well, you know how that continues. The bottom line is that this budding salesman stands a pretty good chance of getting ice-cream TWICE today. I speak from experience. I have one of those kids at home. And he's my best teacher. I've learned from him what NO means. N-O—Next Opportunity."

"Talent is nice to have, perseverance is even better."
Martin encourages sales professionals to work hard. He argues that there is no such thing as a "born seller", but that with hard work, commitment, perseverance and training you can make it to the top. Even the most talented race car drivers are required to hone their skills, logging many hours behind the wheel and many laps on the track. Not only do they know every turn and bump, but they become one with their automobile, knowing exactly when to shift, when to break and when to accelerate.

"A talent for selling? It's not that important. In the long run, hard work always beats talent. And both together on the same team are unbeatable. So, you want success? You have to work hard at it; really apply yourself! No one has ever gotten rich overnight. Everyone I know who is either rich or famous worked hard to get there. But most people don't get rich, because most of them want to reap the benefits immediately. Let me tell you—that's not going to work. Not a chance. Before you can reap you must sow and put in a heck of a lot of work out in the field."



Laura Strack - President NSA 2012 says: "You've achieved in our speaking profession around the world. Thank you for coming to the U.S. and for your spirit of service.

Marc Sanborn - Bestselling-Autor in Leadership says: "You offered some excellent ideas everyone could benefit from."