BZTB certifies “Limbeck CPS” Graduates

For several weeks now, the Martin Limbeck Online Academy has been offering a training program for the “Limbeck Certified Professional Sales” and has set new standards for sales training in the process.

The certification of the graduates is under the auspices of the Federal Association of Certified Trainers and Business Coaches (BZTB) and underscores the high-quality standards of the new training programs. Webinars, exercises, feature film-quality videos, podcasts, and tests help participants commit what they’ve learned to memory and summon it when required over the long term.

Previously, university professor DDr. Dr. habil. Bernhard Seyr, authorized and court-certified expert, established that the “Limbeck Certified Professional Sales Academy” is capable of bringing about significantly more sustainable behavioral changes when compared to conventional programs. Also, that there is a considerably more effective transfer of learning content taking place, as is called for by modern theories of educational evaluation.

“Given the profusion of offers on the market, all certificates which above all serve to document the high quality of an advanced training measure, are paramount,” underlines Michael Bandt, BZTB chairman and himself an educator of trainers and business coaches. Factors vital to the quality standard include perfectly coordinated learning content and its chosen medium of presentation, and in particular its long-term impact and verifiable success. All of this is provided by the Martin Limbeck Online Academy program, consisting of 360 days of course development split up into weekly lessons in the form of webinars, practical exercises, instructional videos, podcasts and tests.

“Cross-media and multimedia learning in conjunction with a strong online community, optional face-to-face phases as well as individual support, personal coaching in a protected coaching area equipped with high security and fast streaming, all serve to set new technological and didactic standards,” explains Bandt. With a training program culminating in the “Limbeck Certified Professional Sales” designation, Martin Limbeck and his Training Group have introduced a hitherto unparalleled method of integrated learning.

The BZTB is proud to be the certifying institute and to honor the graduates at the completion of their training. In this way, not only are the graduates given sales knowledge that will guide them, but they receive a valuable certificate recognized by the industry and able to open doors, concludes Bandt.