712 testimonials and more than 500 corporate projects speak for Martin Limbeck. Here is some feedback we received for our training programs and for Martin as a trainer. Check out Martin's video testimonials on his YouTube channel.

  • Porsche Porsche

    “(…) I have really enjoyed your exciting event […] and would like to thank you once again for the great hard-selling inspiration. (…)”

    Stefan Graef, Pre-Owned Cars Sales

  • Ricoh Ricohversity, RICOH

    “(…)With your real-life examples, you have enabled our sales managers to sustainably increase sales and to substantially improve their standing with our business partners’ managing directors. (…)”

    Norbert Höpfner, Director Indirect Sales, and Beate Peters, Head of Department
    Ricohversity, RICOH

  • Schranner Schranner Negotiation Institute

    “(…) Professional negotiators and sales executives have one thing in common: They have the same positive and proactive mindset for every challenging and difficult negotiation. Martin Limbeck has truly convinced through his motivational and authentic speech at our annual Negotiation Conference in Zurich. The place where the world’s leading business negotiators annually meet. (…)”

    Andreas Goßen, Head of Operations
    Schranner Negotiation Institute

  • zeppelin cat-rental-store Zeppelin Rental

    “(…) I would like to take the opportunity today, after 3 years of working with you, to say thank you for your excellent management and sales training programs. […] Together with you we’ve considerably raised the bar for further expanding our leading position in the market. (…)”

    Wolfgang Hahnenberg, Managing Director
    Zeppelin Rental