11 Reasons That Speak for Martin Limbeck

1. Turn a NO Into a YES

Selling means you must sell. Period. And sales professionals are neither consultants nor con artists. Their mission is not to hold their customer’s hand but to reach a fair deal. For Martin Limbeck it is always a question of honor: that of the seller and the customer.

2. Customized Planning

Well-thought-out solutions for your sales challenges: According to the industry, target group and goal, Martin Limbeck and his team of trainers develop individual training concepts, multiphase interval programs, blended learning or intensive on-the-job coaching. The demand comes first, and the concept follows.

3. Effective Training

Training is not an incentive. Training must be effective. And this has proven itself to be the case with Martin Limbeck. He boosts sales motivation, he focuses your team on closing deals and increasing sales, and he puts his audiences and participants in the right frame of mind for selling. This stimulates more pride, confidence, resolve, and integrity in the team and leads to more sales.

4. Selling With Passion

Have you met the walking dead in your sales department? An atmosphere of doom and gloom, impassive faces, feeble body language? That’s over with. Martin Limbeck shows you and your team how emotional and passionate selling can be. And how fun successful selling really is. In other words: The moment you get your customer to laugh, he will buy. That’s a promise.

5. Cutting-Edge Sales

Learning has evolved. That is why Martin Limbeck has developed LOOP. With LOOP, your sales team will no longer suffer ups and downs but will stay on course toward its sales targets. LOOP provides an integrated analysis, an individual training strategy, and a multi-layered blended-learning model. In this way, each individual learning style in your company will have his or her didactic aptitudes addressed and optimally developed.

6. Limbeck for Everyone

And here comes another innovation: the Martin Limbeck Online Academy. This will make Limbeck accessible to all and enable everyone to learn individually. The new Online Academy offers intensive sales training for all those who would like to boost their salesmanship even more. It offers a certified training program to corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and to all who wish to take their sales to the next level.

7. Customers Only Buy From Winners

For Martin Limbeck, only maximum performance counts. His seminars are tough but fair. He demands nothing that he is not prepared to give. Limbeck trains others the way he lives. And he lives by everything he trains. Genuine, demanding, and practical, he gives his utmost for the success of his participants.

8. Selling in All Media

Martin Limbeck has mastered the entire spectrum of knowledge transfer. Top presentations, efficient training seminars, his bestselling books, audio, live DVDs, his newsletter, workbook, and weblog, LinkedIn posts, the YouTube channel, daily posts on Facebook . . . What is learned remains, what is forgotten is refreshed, and learning success is guaranteed. With Limbeck you are not only getting a sales expert who knows his trade, you are getting a highly dynamic implementation tool.

9. Sell, Don’t Whine

“I’m not tough, the job is.” This is the view of Felix Magath, a former German soccer player and team manager. And Martin Limbeck agrees wholeheartedly. Grind, don’t gripe! Impress customers, don’t advise them! There are five factors of success that are vital in sales: fun, optimism, clear objectives, the will to self-development, and personality. Limbeck delivers real strategies for change and awakens lasting enthusiasm for the job.

10. Measurement Is Possible

You want to know what you’re getting out of it. That’s understandable and justified. Good training needs a return on investment. Martin does not shy away from management control—his customers’ results speak for themselves. And you are given the security you need. For a measurable example of the performance boost provided by Martin Limbeck’s training, click here (German).

11. Outstanding Work

Martin Limbeck is a leading light in this field. Twenty-five years of experience in sales and management, numerous distinctions for him and his best-in-class German Sales Engineering concept, more than 500 completed projects, and more than 600 glowing testimonials from his clients, all serve to provide you with a guarantee for your training success.

Are you curious? Then we will be happy to advise you on your best option for a training program or presentation.