712 testimonials and more than 500 corporate projects speak for Martin Limbeck. Here is some feedback we received for our training programs and for Martin as a trainer. Check out Martin's video testimonials on his YouTube channel.

  • Allianz Consulting and Sales

    “(…) You have impressively demonstrated, also in person, that the telephone is the medium of contact for our environment and that pretexts or objections from potential customers can be handled elegantly and systematically.  (…)”

    Boris Stade, Branch Manager
    Allianz Consulting and Sales

  • amadeus-fire personaldienstleistungen Amadeus Fire

    “(…) I keep receiving positive feedback and new success stories from my sales team almost every day. You, Mr. Limbeck, your head coach Kai-Lorenz Muhler, and the whole training team have done an excellent job with our management team and salespeople. (…)”

    Peter Haas, CEO
    Amadeus FiRe

  • Bühing & Joswig Bühning & Joswig

    “(…) My attempts at adjusting your fee to my target price royally failed. Kudos for that—and for being worth every single cent. (…)”

    Heiner Joswig, Managing Director
    Bühning & Joswig

  • Casnik Finance Casnik Finance

    “(…) Dear Martin, thank you for coming to speak at our Sales summit conference last week. Your presentation was inspiring. You were a big hit with all of our participant. Thank you for such a memorable and enjoyable visit. It was a great pleasure to host you here in Slovenia. We are looking forward to meeting you again. (…)”

    Jasna Spende
    Casnik Finance

  • Commerzbank Commerzbank Dresden

    “(…) Absolutely motivating, refreshingly entertaining and perfectly suited to reflect one’s own behavior. Every good salesperson knows that he needs to continuously improve himself. (…)”

    Ralf Bendicks, Director Private Banking
    Commerzbank Dresden

  • E-Plus Gruppe E-Plus Mobilfunk

    “(…) The extremely goal-oriented, direct and forthright messages from Martin Limbeck served as a beacon that guided us toward the right path. His seminars stirred us up, motivated us and helped us focus and take action. (…)”

    Thomas Lang, Director Direct Sales
    E-Plus Mobilfunk

  • ebay eBay Advertising Group

    “(…) Martin Limbeck is effective. With his hands-on advice and best-practice examples he has helped to improve the performance of our sales force. We witnessed the first results immediately during the training session, when calling potential clients. (…)”

    eBay Advertising Group

  • MEC Holding GmbH MEC Holding

    “(…) Martin Limbeck gets straight to the point. He commands your attention and challenges you to do even better. More importantly, he gives you useful sales techniques that are obviously based on years of successful sales experience. (…)”

    Andrew F. Roake, CEO
    MEC Holding

  • Motorola Motorola

    “(…) Short and sweet and to the point. (…)”

    Olaf May, Gerneral Manager Mobile Devices, Germany / Austria / Benelux
    Motorola GmbH – Mobile Devices, Taunusstein

  • persolog

    “(…) Are you looking for a speaker that challenges and motivates you and makes you stop and think? Then Martin Limbeck is probably the best speaker you can get. He has inspired our international distributors from Norway to Australia. (…)”

    Friedbert Gay, CEO